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Contrapose Dance was founded in 2008 by artistic director Courtney Peix out of a desire to present new, exciting and entertaining works that engage and thrill audiences. Building on a backbone of classical training, this repertory company presents modern, contemporary, and balletic works designed to plumb deep emotions and celebrate the exhilaration of pure movement. Contrapose Dance aims to bring a continued fresh energy to the theater scene, in Boston and beyond, by commissioning innovative works that challenge and invigorate choreographers, dancers, and audiences alike. These diverse works challenge their choreographers, by pushing them to take creative risks; the dancers, by asking them to stretch their artistic and athletic abilities; and, finally, our audiences, by inviting them to set aside expectations and respond to the thrill of the new. It is through these commissions that Contrapose Dance continues to actively expand its completely original repertory, working with emerging and established choreographers. Most recently, Contrapose commissioned New York based choreographers David Parker and Sydney Skybetter, and Canada based Heidi Rood to create and set work. The company strives to work with a variety of esteemed Boston-based choreographers as well, such as Marcus Schulkind, Gianni Di Marco, Nicole Pierce, Lorraine Chapman, etc. to continue to encourage and support the development of new work around their home base of Cambridge, MA.

Contrapose is also committed to collaboration, currently working with a variety of artists to produce unique art experiences. To date, this company of 10-12 dancers has participated in over 50 performances and has 27original works in its unique repertory. The company has received funding from the Somerville Arts Council, the Boston Center for the Arts Dance Residency, and is currently working with scientist/photographer Larry Pratt via a grant from the National Science Foundation.

Contrapose seeks not only to reach existing dance audiences but also to widen the circle by reaching out to communities that may never have attended dance concerts. By doing so, and eventually by touring nationally and internationally, Contrapose Dance hopes to bring a new generation of dance lovers along with us to a place where tradition and originality meet.